WANALA and you

WANALA invites you to get in touch with us or one of the centres in our region, or use the information on these pages, if you are:

  • staff or participant at a language centre or language project in the west or north
  • staff or participant at an Aboriginal language-related service provider or organisation in the west or north, such as arts centres, media groups, heritage and cultural groups, interpreter services, legal aid providers, schools, libraries, researchers and others
  • a business who would like to connect with or support local language activities in the west or north
  • a teacher or student interested in finding out more about the Aboriginal languages of the west or north
  • anyone who would like to find out more about the languages of their locality or get in touch with local language workers in the west or north of Australia

Please check our pages for a map of language activities, volunteering or how to join WANALA, or to contact us.