Maningrida | NT Language Centre Support Program

Michael Mungula describes photos from Donald Thomson

Michael Mungula describes photos from Donald Thomson

This program works with people and organisations in Maningrida to support Indigenous languages in north-central Arnhem Land.

Languages include Gun-nartpa and the Bininj Kunwok languages (Kunwinjku, Kundjeyhmi, Kuninjku, Kune, Mayali and Kundedjnjenghmi).

The project website includes a wide range of resources including short films such as how to build a gorragorra bush sleeping platform, a film with Michael Mungula describing historical photos by Donald Thomson of his Yolngu ancestors in Gupapuyngu and English, and links to resources such as Bininj Kunwok plant and animal names.

maningrida-audioThere is also information about current language research and advice about digitising audio and video.