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Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring
Language and Culture Centre, Kununurra

Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre (MDWg) is the ‘Mirima place for talking’ in the Miriwoong language, spoken in the Kununurra region of Western Australia.

MDWg’s mission is to save the unique Miriwoong language and culture from extinction. Miriwoong is at imminent risk as there are less than a dozen truly fluent speakers left.

Improving lives through language and education is at the heart of MDWg’s efforts, aiming at the survival of irreplaceable heritage. MDWg employs a range of strategies to ensure children and adults engage in learning their traditional language, including:

  • the Miriwoong Language Nest – an early childhood language learning program based on immersion techniques. This initiative ensures that kids grow up with a sense of linguistic identity, improve their self esteem and increase their prospects of better learning in the standard school environment
  • Miriwonng language cycle

    the Miriwoong Knowledge Cycle brings young and old people together to help the new generation gain more fluency in the language

  • short radio programs in Miriwoong, produced in collaboration with Waringarri Radio, an Aboriginal-owned radio station based in Kununurra
  • language learning resources for all age groups, including books with audio support and other innovative multimedia and online resources
  • Miriwoong calendar

    the innovative Miriwoong Seasonal Calendar, produced in collaboration with the Bureau of Meteorology

Find out more about MDWg and help support their work by visiting their website, Facebook page, email, or call (08) 9169 1029.