WANALA: Western and Northern Aboriginal Languages Alliance

An alliance of Aboriginal language centres, projects and activities of the western and northern regions of Australia

WANALA aims to:

  • provide advocacy for the recognition and support of northern and western Indigenous languages at State and National levels
  • promote awareness of the diversity of our languages and their vitality
  • develop resources for the maintenance, and revitalisation of Indigenous languages in our region
  • foster discussion and sharing among language centres, projects and activities

What is WANALA?

WANALA is a collaborative alliance, free to join, for all Aboriginal organisations, projects and activities in the region aimed at supporting, promoting, and teaching languages, and providing services such as interpreting and translation.

WANALA’s core members are those who are actively engaged in language activities funded by the Commonwealth Government language support program (ILA/ILS).

Associate membership is for those who want to share ideas and support increased representation of our region in the national conversations about Indigenous languages.

WANALA’s activities include facilitating meetings, providing professional development, and assisting professionalisation of language teacher training, employment and practices.

Benefits of membership:

  • be part of a growing alliance advocating for increased recognition and support of the extremely diverse language maintenance, documentation, and revitalisation situations in western and northern Australia
  • receive financial support to participate in meetings and professional development events
  • gain access to documents and advice on becoming a qualified language teacher or linguist, language worker training, and best practice in archiving, ICIP and more.